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World Down Syndrome Day!  And STING!


In 2011 the United Nations declared March 21st World Down Syndrome Day and it has been celebrated since 2012.  The date was carefully chosen--3/21--the triplification of the 21st Chromosome which leads to Down Syndrome. 


Every year, the event raises public awareness and promotes inclusion.  It's also a day to celebrate the amazing individuals we know who are living with Down Syndrome--a condition which has always existed and is found in every part of the world. 


At Community Vocational Services, Inc. we provide supports and services which help participants learn new skills--including ones which lead to a job and greater inclusion in the community.


Have you heard Sting's new song? He recently released a song in honor of this special day about individuals with Down Syndrome who work--and how one job leads to another.  Check it out!  And be part of "The Hiring Chain!"