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CVS - LOGO.png

Welcome to our new website! 

We are excited to share news of our work and the amazing people we serve!


Community Vocational Services, Inc. (CVS, INC.) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities
throughout New London County, CT.

We coach individuals to achieve greater self-reliance and self-confidence, and we help each person achieve their greatest potential--through successful programs (listed below) and professional and compassionate staff. 


Do you know someone who might benefit from our programs?  Please share this website with them, and check us out on our Facebook page, too:  



To act as a catalyst for assisting people with disabilities in designing plans and goals to enhance their integration, independence, and productivity through community access, employment, personal and healthcare skills along with living in community settings that are all individually designed to match each person's needs.

CVS, INC. provides an outstanding array of services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


We inspire individuals to reach their highest potential, and our values ensure a strong foundation of support based on our compassionate and professional guiding principles.

Our staff and volunteers strive to ensure effective programming and create plans which address individualized goals and opportunities for education and employment.

In our nurturing and caring environment, we promote independence and individuality
along with community integration. We also provide exercise and activity for overall health and well-being.

CVS - LOGO.png

Our program, located in Waterford, CT, works with individuals to learn, improve or maintain skills needed to prepare for employment or community involvement. This is accomplished through meaningful volunteer, leisure and community activities.

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Our staff provides an individualized program specific to the person for the purpose of learning, improving or acquiring skills needed for employment, community involvement or retirement.

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Individual Home Support Program provides participants with services to help them achieve independence within their community. This includes a combination of skills for daily living and personal support activities as they would naturally occur during the course of a day.

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Our homes are staffed 24 hours a day to provide necessary supports to individuals for the purpose of learning and improving skills that enhance an individual’s presence in their community.

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Our job coaches provide services to individuals who are employed in their community. This includes assistance locating a job or developing

a job with an employer that will best fit the individual. We work with the individual to sustain their paid employment by assisting with supervision and training as needed.

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We are registered to provide Respite Care to family/caregivers of our participants. It is important to know your loved one is safe when you make use of this program. Peace of mind means so much.



"Happy Monday Morning!


I just want to take a moment to share my overall impressions as to how wonderful your entire staff are at the home on Cormorant Road in Groton. In all my 35 years of service, I have never ever experienced a team of staff whom work so well and in sync together, nor have I ever experienced a client with 100% satisfaction from the moment they moved in.  Your team on Cormorant Road and our mutual client, fits that bill! 


Accolades and congratulations to you and your staff…… It’s nice to see, particularly as we are all going through the pandemic, those whom show up for their clients with encouragement, working smoothly together as a team, genuinely being present to support as well as help clients to feel safe, respected, individualized and important in our world. 


Wishing you and your staff a wonderful day with better days ahead!" 



Paula Mekkelsen, LCSW, LLC 





Community Vocational Services program participants enjoy a wide range of activities with staff both in home and in the community as they work on individualized plans geared towards improving self-sufficiency, self-esteem and productivity.  It is our mission to help them achieve their goals and dreams!


CVS, INC. welcomes members of our local community who can offer their talents and time to strengthen the skills of the individuals within our programs.


As interest in our programs continues to grow, we also appreciate charitable contributions which are tax deductible.

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